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Smile, laugh, discover, reflect. 


Included in all our Hug Hampers are a pack of bespoke Connect-Cards that include 20 questions for you and your loved one(s) to engage with while bonding over your Hug Hamper goodies.

Our Connect Cards add a sentimental and playful touch to every Hug Hamper.

Smile, laugh, discover and reflect

as you enhance your relationships through our experiential gifts.

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Choose from:

Group of friends | Besties/Girl Friends | Romantic Relationship | Married Couple | Mother and Daughter  | Family

Picnic Hampers.jpg

Paige Mariah

Thank you so much for helping me to create the picture-perfect birthday picnic with their Luxe Picnic Hug Hamper! 

I personally loved that the Hug Hamper included


featuring 20 engaging questions to go through with my friends while enjoying our picnic. 

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