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Incense - The History & Benefits

Incense has always been part of the Sunday cleaning ritual in my home growing up. Normally located on top of the wooden cabinet which housed a rather large stereo set. This stereo set played records so the top of it would open up on some hinges. This was all a rather long time ago, it's all changed now.

I personally really like incense and will pick some up off of the guys outside Brixton Station! They recommend such great mixes. Often on a Sunday, still now, I will tidy up and get some burning in a few places around the house with different complementing scents. It usually only lasts for a few hours, 2 days if I am really lucky.

So why is insense used, what are the benefits and why is it in our Cosy Cocoa Hug Hamper?

The word incense comes from the Latin word 'incendere' which means to ignite or to burn. It has been in existence since ancient times and has had several uses throughout history, including religious rituals and repelling bad smells. The incense used all those years ago isn't the same as the nice sticks we get today, they used bunches of combustible materials and naturally occurring leaves. Today, this may look like how some people smudge sage in their homes.

Burning incense releases fragrant smells in the homes and can be used in the following ways:

  • promote calmness

  • cleanse the air

  • heighten concentration.

  • soothe stress

  • stimulate creativity

  • during spiritual rituals such as in the Hindu & Buddha religion/tradition. Catholic churches sometimes also use incense.

Incense can come in different forms such as sticks, cones, resin, herbs or bunched material as mentioned above. Ultimately which method you use is up to you. I prefer the sticks and use an incense holder to capture any residue as it burns. The use of incense is across cultures and continents. There is evidence of historic use since 3300 BCE in Egypt, India, China, Japan and other cultures within the Jewish and Arab communities.

We decided to include it within our Cosy Cocoa Hug Hamper because we wanted to encourage a warm and calm environment for you and your loved ones. One with interesting and new scents to enjoy in particular while you bond over our Connect Cards. Our supplier Sacred Elephant is one of integrity and quality. Their incense has such a luxurious feel to them and an authentic smell too. If you want to find out more, they have a website with some blogs!

We hope you have enjoyed this rather more informative post and look forward to seeing you again for our next blog next month!

As always, with hugs, Gee xx

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