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5 Simple things to do with your Mum to cater to her Love Language this Mother's Day.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Mother's Day is approaching, an annual holiday where we celebrate the mothers in our lives. Mothers should be celebrated every single day, as being a mum is a demanding, full-time job, but a day dedicated to them gives us an excuse to treat them!

Sometimes, it's the simple things that are most meaningful, and catering activities/gifts to do together with your mum based on her Love Language guarantees a grateful reception. Doing this allows you to #MakeMemorableMoments together, which is exactly what Hug Hampers promotes.

With that being said, below are our 5 simple things to do with your Mum to cater to her Love Language this Mother's Day. We've got a suggestion for each Love Language, so we have every mother covered. Or you can make her feel super special by doing all 5 suggestions! (Take the love language quiz here)

Fun Fact: Hug Hampers first launched for Mother's day in 2021

Step #1 - Make her breakfast in bed

Love Language: Acts of service

This requires a bit of planning and you waking up before your mum - or get to your mum's house before she wakes up. Surprising her with a cooked (or ordered) breakfast in bed sets the day off to a lovely start by demonstrating your thoughtfulness, and also gives you the opportunity to get in bed and join her!

Step #2 - Buy her a potted plant...don't buy her flowers

Love Language: Gift Giving

Flowers are beautiful but they are temporary and a low-key waste of money. Instead, why not buy your mum a beautiful potted house plant to brighten up her house. With good care, and depending on the plant, they can last a lifetime, and I'm sure she will think of you anytime she sees them.

We recommend getting the 'Mother in Law's tongue from

About 90% of flowers are imported, the vast majority of which come from the Netherlands, grown in heated greenhouses which release large amounts of CO2. Buying potted plants grown in the UK are a lot more sustainable.

Step #3 - Take her on a picnic

Love Language: Quality Time

The average weather for the UK on Sunday 27th March 2022 is predicted to be a sunny 17 degrees, which is warm enough for an outdoor picnic in the park or garden. We have a range of British-influenced picnic Hug Hampers perfect for sharing. It includes everything you need to have a picnic, just add food and you're ready to go!

We also have a 'Family Hug Hamper' which is perfect for an indoor picnic/cosy night in with your mum and the rest of the family.

Step #4 - Have an impromptu photoshoot

Love Language: Physical Touch

Direct behind the scenes and also join your mum in front of the camera by taking photos together! All you need is your smartphone and a steady arm. Taking photos together captures a moment that will last forever, helping you to make your day with her even more memorable. Snuggle up, get close and say cheese!

Step #5 - Get to know your mum in a fun and reflective way

Love Language: Words of Affirmation

Hug Hampers have created Connect Cards as a fun and reflective way to converse. Our Mother + Daughter edition includes 20 questions to get to know each other. Some are deep, some are cheeky, and some are action-based too.

All Hug Hampers come with a choice of Connect Cards, or you can purchase them individually as well.

Our range also includes: Married Couple, Romantic Relationship, Group of Friends, Girl Friends/Besties and Family.

'Special' doesn't always mean 'expensive'.

Planning special occasions doesn't have to feel like a burden. It can be simple but thoughtful, especially when you are conscious of your loved one's Love Languages. Check out the rest of our culturally diverse Hug Hamper range which are perfect for all occasions.

Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts from our suggestions.

With Hugs,

Jo @ Hug Hampers

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