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5 Date Night Ideas From Home!

It is 2023, Valentine's day is approaching but we are also in the cost of living crisis and baby it is cold outside!

That being said, here are our 5 date night ideas you can do from home.

1. Romantic Dinner

Of course, this is an obvious and easy one but make sure to make it special. Whether you live in a huge house or a tiny flat, dinner, candles and eye contact make a lovely evening. Buy a take-out, cook a meal for your partner or cook it together. Dim the lights, put on some jazz music and get to know each other all over again using our best-selling Romantic Relationship, Married Couple Connect Cards. Our Girl Friends / Besties Connect Cards are also perfect for those doing a Galentines night!

2. Wine tasting - This is an actual thing and I'd rather get tipsy at home than somewhere far from home! *insert lol* There are several at home wine-tasting services out there, with an online expert guiding you through the session. Take a couple of hours out, dim the lights and explore the different flavours wine has to offer. Hopefully, you both agree on the flavours and become wine connoisseurs!

3. Games night! You can't beat a game night, whether it is video games, monopoly or card games. Getting the competitive spirit out sometimes can bring you closer together. A little fun can sometimes do the world of wonders in bringing or heightening your connection. Our Family Hug Hamper (also perfect for a games night in) includes 2 competitive games, gourmet snacks, drinks and your choice of Connect Cards.

4. Sip and paint session - you can be as creative as you want with this one! Whether that is painting a statue, each other or just making it up as you go along. It can be a fun way to let both your creative juices run. Paint kits (for adults) can be found on websites like Etsy for affordable prices. Add some gin, wine or fruit punch, this could be a hilariously funny or seriously focused evening just the two of you.

5. Karaoke - Sing your hearts out to a YouTube collection of karaoke songs. Any song you can think of, type 'karaoke version' after it and YouTube probably has it. We personally think karaoke is always better when you are a terrible singer!

For any of the options you pick above, we hope you take the time to really get to know each other and deepen your bond as a couple.


With hugs, as always

Gee xoxo

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