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Small Street in Japan

Japanese Inspired



Kendo Battle

Japanese Inspired

Our ‘Kendo Kocktail’ Hug Hamper has been inspired by Japanese Culture. ‘Kendo’ is a modern martial art practised widely in Japan and other parts of the world. It originates from an older Japanese martial art called Kenjutsu which involves using bamboo swords while being based in the discipline of the human character.

Kendo Koctail Info

In 1920, 43% of the Hawaiian population were from Japan and many continue to travel and settle in Hawaii. 


Tiki Highball

Our Kendo Kocktail Hug Hamper includes 4 Tiki Highball glasses as these are part of Japanese history. The term ‘Tiki’ has been used by the hospitality industry to capture Polynesian themed culture which is influenced by Hawaii, Polynesia and Oceania.


A ‘Highball’ is a popular Japanese alcoholic drink that is created using two ingredients typically a spirit and a mixer, usually served in a highball glass with ice. There is a particular art to this rather seemingly easy drink that involves some skill and technique.  The Kendo Kocktail also includes a Japanese Cocktail book for you to try these delectable recipes.


Kendo Kocktail 


1 x White Hamper Crate

4 x Tiki Highball Glasses

1 x Cocktail Making Set

1 x Japanese Cocktail Recipe Book

1 x Pack of Dried Lime Garnish

1 x Pack of Dried Orange Garnish

1 x Set of Connect Cards of your choice

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