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hug hamper

hug hamper

hug hamper

The Family Hug Hamper is inspired by our founders and their cultures.

Their African and Caribbean heritage is rooted in similar traditions combined

with a British influence.


Perfect for all families

We have adapted our popular Festive Hug Hamper into a Family gift to be enjoyed all year round! We wanted this Hug Hamper to include all our (the co-founders) favourite food, drink and games that you can enjoy with your loved ones, regardless of your culture. 

This is a perfect gift for any occasion, such as Mother's/Father's day, birthday nights in, picnic days out or just because!  

Get your loved ones together, make memorable moments while you experience a taste of Afro-Caribbean culture.

Kendo Koctail Info
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Sharing Snacks

Our Festive Hug Hampers feature a number of sharing snacks; a favourite of ours is the Scotch Bonnet Jam from &Poca, which we would recommend pairing with blue cheese. 

Scotch bonnet is also known as the Caribbean red pepper is used widely all over the Caribbean and African, making a big part of our dishes.  

After which you can treat yourself to a traditional West African snack for the whole family. Chin Chin is a popular West African snack that can be made at home or brought in the shops.  We particularly love the 'Love Chin Chin' brand, as it comes in big sharing bags in Coconut, Cinnamon and Orignal flavours. 


Two games included in the Festive Hug Hamper, including an old-school favourite of Dominoes! This game has been recorded for centuries across the world but is really popular in Jamaica. It can get very competitive so make sure your table can take a stern hand and pegs that aren’t too wobbly! Dominoes involves matching your set of dominoes with one on the table, until you can’t.  


the family hug hamper


1 x Hamper Box

1 x Luxury Tartan Blanket

1 x Set of Dominoes

1 x Mini Articulate Game

1 x Pack of Connect Cards (Family Edition)

1 x Bottle of Spiced Ginger Beer

1 x Scotch Bonnet Jam

1 x Pack of Crackers

1 x Sharing Bag of Plantain Chips

1 x Sharing Bag of Pretzels

1 x Sharing Bag of Chin Chin

1 x Bag of Hot Chocolate Flakes
(Salted Caramel or Rum + Caramel)

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