"It's not about how much we give,
but how much love we put into giving"


Our Story

As two young, cultured women who love curating and giving gifts, December 2020 had us stuck in finding the ultimate gift hamper for our loved ones.

They were either too generic, too expensive, or did not cater to our loved one’s cultural backgrounds.

We realised that commercial gift hampers did not offer memorable experiences or products, nor were catered to people of minority cultures or niche communities.

As a result, Hug Hampers was born.

Our Mission

To make gift-giving a meaningful and memorable experience for both giver and receiver. 

We offer a meaningful gift-giving service full of high-quality and conscious products, creating cherished experiences through intimate interaction. As we are a gift-giving service, we also give back to communities in need of love.

We are also environmentally conscious and encourage our customers to join us on our mission to use eco-friendly alternatives and reduce unnecessary waste. 

Our Values

We provide ethical and eco-friendly products and packaging which are good for the soul, body, mind and environment. We source products which align with our values, who are activists in their own right and who care about the well being of all people.

We value the importance of building relationships between the gift giver and receiver through interactive products and experiences as well as building relationships between us and our customers.

We love giving back to customers, charities and communities to continue the act of giving through our business.